Frequent Q&A

                                                                         Common Questions

After office hours

If it is
 urgent, such as you have not received your certificate by midnight and you are travelling early the next day, send us an text message at +46730652002. For other non-urgent matters, send an email or call during office hours.

When do I recieve my certificate?

The certificate arrives the same day as your appointment for the test, usually between 5-6 PM.

Sometimes some samples need to be re-analyzed due to various reasons, then it usually takes 1-2 hours longer to get the results and certificates.

How do I get my certificate?

Your test result will be sent to you in the CORONAFREE app (only for negative results), use the same email that you registered with. If you do not have access to the app or have a positive result, log in to Easy Practice. Access your certificate via your profile in secure messages.
Log in via the link below:


For how long is the certificate valid?

It is the country you are traveling to that determines how long your certificate is valid. Search the country of your destination and read requires via the link below

Which test do I need? 

Visit the link below to find answers to the requirements for your destination.

It is the traveler's responsibility to find out which test is valid for the destination, keep in mind that sometimes two different tests may be required for transits, etc.

Can I make an appointment by phone? 

No, unfortunately not, unless you are already registered, otherwise each patient must register their details via the online booking to book an appointment.

When do I need to get tested?

You should book an appointment no later than two days before departure. You will receive the results and certificate in good time before departure and your certificate will be valid for as long as possible. Some destinations may require a certificate earlier than that. Always check the conditions that apply to your particular destination before booking an appointment.

How do I pay? 

Either directly when you book via the system, with Swish or with a card via a link in your email or with a card on site.

We offer invoices to companies.

How do I cancel my appointment? 

Log in to the link below and request cancellation of your appointment, no later than 2 hours before.

No show is charged the entire fee

Is the certificate in English? 

Yes, our certificates are stamped and signed by doctor and written in English and contains all the necessary information. 

Can I get a discount? 

Yes, we offer a group discount of 10% for groups of at least 10 people. Companies according to agreement.