PCR test with Travelcert,1895SEKSame day results

The sample is by swabbing of the nose 

The samples are analyzed at our own laboratory. When the results are done, the doctor will issue your travel certificate.

Antigen Test 1100SEK with Travelcert.

Rapidtest that shows if you have an ongoing infection of Covid19. Certificate within 1 hour.

*Acon Flowflex antigen test are approved according to the swedish public health authority 

Antigen Test Screening 900SEK

Results within 15 minutes. No certificate!

CE marked and reliable test to detect active infection. For you who do not need a certificate

Antibody Rapid Test 550SEK

This is a rapid test that detects IgG and IgM, which detects if you have an ongoing infection or have antibodies. If a travel certificate is required, SEK 400 will be added.

Antibody Test 850kr

Venous test, this is the most reliable method for detecting antibodies. Results within a few days

For Businesses  

We offer mobile service testing   on site for companies.        Either Antigentest or PCR.

 Foreign Citizens 

Don't worry we'll help you if you need to travel.